With all of our expertise gained over years of internet marketing for our own websites, we can now offer the following extensive range of specialist services for your business;

Internet Marketing Strategy:

Internet Marketing Strategy

If your business is not on the internet then you are getting left behind. Maybe you do have a website but have no idea about how to make use of social media or new advances on the internet. We can help with all of it whether it is getting your first website up and running or you are coming up with a full internet marketing strategy.

Due to the variability of our customers requests we cannot offer a package for immediate sale, but whatever your needs are just ask:

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SMS/ Text Message Mobile Marketing:

Text Message Marketing

A simple text message can ensure that your customers turn up on time (so you don't lose money from lost appointments), or that you generate more business on slow days (buy offering an incentive for customers to attend on that day). Most people have a mobile phone and open a text message within an hour of receiving it.  This simple yet effective technology can bring otherwise lost revenue to your business.

You can get you started with mobile marketing for as little as £5!

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Mobile Website Design: 

Mobile Websites

Over 50% of internet users access the web via a mobile device. If you do not have a mobile optimised version of your existing website then potential customers are not finding you. This is due to slow loading web pages, incompatible Flash elements (fancy moving images etc.), or simply the 'wrong-shaped' web site when viewed on a mobile device, meaning you have to scroll left to right as well as up and down.

We can create a mobile version of your existing website for as little as £99, depending on the number of pages you want.

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Search Engine Optimisation: 

Search Engine Optimisation

You can have the nicest website in the world but if nobody can find it, it is worthless. Search Engine Optimisation helps you get your website to the top of the search results for whatever search terms you have chosen. This includes your on-page optimisation (i.e. your web site) and off-page optimisation (i.e. backlinks to your website).

Depending on the competition of your keyword, we can help you reach the top of Google for your chosen keyword. Prices will vary depending on this, and other factors. 

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QR Code Creation: 

QR Code

A QR code is a simple square matrix, much like a bar code you find in the shops, but with any Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) you can scan a QR code and get it to execute a certain function such as save the phone number, open a website, send a text or otherwise (see our contact page for an example). This is growing technology for 2012 and we will see more and more of them in the future. You can use your QR code on flyers, business cards or on any other promotional material.

We can get you started with your own QR code from as little as £39.

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Google Places Listings & Review Services: 

Google Places

In 2011 Google decided to list all local businesses in their 'normal' search results. This meant that local businesses were handed on a plate, a way to get to the top of the search results on Google. However, only 40% of businesses have claimed their spot on Google Places. We can help you with that process. Of the businesses that have already claimed their places, we can help with getting it to the top of Google. Factors affecting your rank include keywords, number of photos and videos, reviews and more.

We can get you started by claiming your own Google Places listing with basic set-up for as little as £49 or improve your existing listing for just £39.

Find out more or place an order from our Google Places page here.

Google+ for Businesses: 

Google Plus

Google+ for business is THE trend for 2012. Following trials in the US Google+ is now available for businesses in the UK. You will have heard about the use of Facebook or Twitter for growing businesses but Google+ aims to use it's influence and global scope to make Google+ the new social media platform for 2012 and beyond. This is at the forefront in on-line business marketing, so will you be with it or lagging behind?

We can get you started with Google+ for as little as £99 set up fee.

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Keyword Campaigns/ Research: 

Keyword Research

Before you start your SEO efforts or try to rank in the search engines for any keywords, you need to know what keywords people search for. You can have the best website in the world and can rank at number 1 for a given keyword but if nobody is searching for it, it is pointless. For example, you may find the phrase 'lawyers in Manchester' has 1 search per month but 'Manchester lawyers' may have 300 searches a month. If you do not know your keywords and the search volume per month, you are fighting blind and are wasting precious resources trying to rank for those words.

We can get you started with a Keyword Report for as little as £99. 

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Logos, Graphics & Minisite Designs: 

Logo and Minisite Design

Setting up a website is a fundamental of any business. However, getting professional looking graphics for your logo, website header, or other graphics to make your website look consistent  can be expensive. We work with our partners to provide an affordable graphics package to you. This can include virtual product 'covers' such as software or eBook covers.

We can offer you a basic graphics package from as little as £79. 

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Custom Twitter Backgrounds:

Twitter Backgrounds

Who wants a basic Twitter background? Isn't it more professional to have a background image on your Twitter pages that reflects your existing business branding?

We can give you a custom Twitter background for as little as £49.

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Facebook Fan Pages:

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is the second most used website in the world. Your business can harness this massive exposure by utilising their Fan-page function. You can then interact with your customers or use your updates to increase your exposure to friends of your own followers.

We can create your first Face-book fan page for just £99 and we can increase your Facebook exposure from there in.

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 Domain Name Trading & Advice: 

Domain Name Trading

Your domain name can significantly help you in ranking high in the search engines for your chosen keywords. We can help you in this keyword domain research if you want to buy a domain to help you rank for certain keywords. We can also help you if you want to buy and sell domains for profit based on their value at the time you buy them due to factors such as their high Page Rank or high number of backlinks.

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Backlinking Services: 

Backlinking Services

Aside from your on-page optimisation for your chosen keywords, the single most affecting factor in your search engine position is the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Your backlinks should be from a range of sources and be of good quality, with a relevant keyword 'anchor text' and they should look 'natural' to Google. You can spend hours doing this manually or you can outsource this to other workers or to software.

We have backlink packages starting from as little as £19.

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WordPress Website Creation & SEO: 

Website Creation Service

WordPress is the most common and easiest platform for creating a website, PLUS Google loves WordPress websites. We can create a WordPress website for you and we can optimise any WordPress website for the search engines.

We can optimise your existing website for as little as £59 or create a brand new WordPress website starting at £99. 

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Email List Building: 

Email List Building

Every visitor to your website is a potential customer. By offering them an incentive (such as a discount coupon, free information etc.) you can capture their email address. This can be followed up by a sequence of auto-responder marketing emails or one off email blasts to drum up new business in slow times. Capturing emails from your visitors is a sure fire way to turn nothing into something.

We can set up your email marketing campaign form as little as £99 initial fee. 

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Increase Views, Likes & Comments for Social Media Websites: 

Social Media Feedback

If you already make use of sites such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter then you can significantly increase your exposure by improving the 'rank' of your content when people search for your keywords. An important factor in this is the amount of previous views, likes or comments. If all things were equal then somebody with the exact the same website content as you but with more views, likes or comments, they will appear above you in the search results every time. However, without the increased exposure of a higher position in the seasrch results it is difficult to achive more views, likes or comments. That's where we can help.

We can get you more social media likes, views or comments from as little as £49.

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