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Unless you have a Mobile version of your website, the chances are that it is slow to load and looks terrible when your potential customers view it on their mobile device…

Go ahead, try it. Use your mobile phone (or find a friend who has one) and take a look at YOUR website. 

Over 85% of businesses do not have a mobile version of their website, yet 40% of people with a mobile phone search local businesses using it!

You can also see the following examples;

1) Our main website at and our mobile version at

2) A restaurant website at and the mobile version we made at

See the difference?

Why do you need a mobile version of your website?

There are many potential problems when viewing 'normal' websites using a mobile device;

1) The viewing size on a mobile device is much smaller, meaning that visitors to your website have to scroll up and down, and left and right. It's like trying to read a newspaper through a keyhole!

2) Many modern websites have 'flash' elements that most mobile devices cannot see. This includes scrolling images or other 'fancy' additions (see the picture below), so when their device cannot view that special content they get a blank screen

3) Your website may load quickly when someone is connected to their home Wi-Fi network but when they are using 3G or even 2G connections away from home loading time really matters. The chances are they couldn't even load your website at all

4) Google have a separate index for mobile websites and give better ranking for websites that are mobile friendly

5) Mobile websites are more user friendly with condensed information, click to call buttons, click to text options etc. that are easy to engage the mobile user

6) You can use a QR code in all your promotional material, making it intriguing and easily accessible for people using mobile devices (if you have no idea what a QR code is see our contact page for an example, or our 'Services' page)

Unloaded Mobile Website

The image above shows how a website using 'flash' elements looks on most mobile devices that cannot handle 'flash'

Facts about Mobile Device Usage to Access the Internet…

Next year, almost half of the internet searches will be from a mobile device. Will your website be seen or ignored?

Mobile Internet Facts

Here's a few more facts about mobile internet usage;

1) 45% of people surveyed said they made use of the net while out and about (BBC 2011)

2)  In July 2011, there were 20 million UK mobile Internet accesses to Google (Google)

3) Only 17% of all advertisers have a mobile optimised site but 28% of users are purchasing products from smart phones (Google)

4) 24% of mobile users intentionally carry their mobile phones for in-store price comparisons (Google Engage)

How it Works and What You Need to Know:

1) We will make a mobile version of your website using your existing logo, colour scheme and existing information so your branding and identity remain consistent

2) Our mobile version of your website will detect if the visitor is on a mobile device and either direct them to your mobile website immediately, or ask them if they want to view your mobile website

3) Obviously we need access to your web host and to your control panel. If you have an existing web company or know how to access this information you can Buy-It-Now using the button below and we can start work right away (for those who are technically-minded we need FTP access to your servers and you need to have PHP-enabled hosting).

4) If you have used a DIY website maker (made using an online template) or are unsure on your website set up please contact us here to tell us about your Website and your website host so we can investigate before you pay, whether or not you can actually have a mobile version of your website or not.

Here is a video of an assessment we did of a local business to show them how poor their existing website was for mobile devices and to show them how much better a mobile-optimised website is…



Are you ready to make a purchase or enquire for more information?

Option 1:

You know about your existing website set-up and want us to make you a Mobile version of your website:

* We will make a mobile version of your website using the same logo, colour scheme and images as your existing website

* We will include a landing page, contact page, click to call, map page, about us page, gallery and one other page about your services

* We will either install the mobile website for you, or pass you all the files and instructions you need to do it yourself or to pass to your website manager

* Your main website will detect if the website visitor is on a mobile device and show them the optimised version for their device


£99 One-Off Fee


Option 2:

You are unsure about your existing website and need us to check if we can make you a Mobile version:

* If you are not sure about your website arrangement and it's suitability for a mobile version just contact us with your website address and we will assess if it is possible, or send you the questions you need to ask your website manager

* If you want more pages on your mobile website than the pages we have listed in option 1 above, or have any other special requests just go to the contact page and send us your requirements


Contact us here with an email detailing your website and/ or requests

Remember, we specialise in giving businesses a mobile version of their website and keeping them ahead of their competition.

If you haven't got one yet, you are losing out, and it will only get worse…


If you have any special request, or would like to ask us a question, please get in touch with us by clicking here.


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