About Us

"Established in 2010, White Wave Enterprises Ltd has gone from strength to strength. The company was set up initially as an Internet Marketing company focussing primarily on creating our own websites and digital products, and monetising them through direct sales, affiliate sales, CPA offers, Adsense revenue, renting the domains and flipping the website for a profit. Then we decided to take our experience and success and offer our services to other businesses. We now work with businesses across the globe, helping them in a wide variety of ways, to grow their business using online & mobile technologies and techniques. This covers a wide spectrum and can include creating a mobile optimised version of their existing website, getting their Google Places listing to the top of Google, setting up mobile text messaging to keep in touch with their clients and coming up with a complete marketing strategy. We are able to remain extremely competitive in our field by employing a minimum number of UK based staff and outsourcing specific tasks to our team of skilled workers across the globe on an 'as needed' basis. We look forward to speaking with you for your free, no-obligation consultation, and working with you in the future,"

Search Engine Optimisation         Stephen Whittaker Owner, White Wave Enterprises Ltd

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